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Tips to Clearout Your Garage for Summer

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With outdoor activities that come with summer, your garage can get a lot more use than usual as it becomes a hub for preparing for summer activities, storing BBQ equipment, and perhaps working on hobbies. This makes summer the perfect time to ensure your garage is clean and organized. Today, Closet & Storage Concepts Philadelphia wants to outline a few tips for cleaning out your garage to help you get ready for the summer and stay organized by winter.

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Toss and Donate Items

For many, garages are a universal storage space. While this tactic makes things convenient in the short-run, it also means that your garage will fill up with items to the point of excess. If this resonates with you, the first step in clearing out your garage should be to sort through all of your items and remove any you don’t absolutely need. A good rule of thumb in making this decision is to imagine when the next time you’ll use an item will be. If the answer is never, then it’s a good sign that you should toss the item out for good. Once you complete this step, you’ll find yourself with a garage that looks a lot more manageable, and you’ll be ready to take to the next step.

Stick to a System

It’s equally important to come up with an organizational system for your garage once you clear out all excess items. Without a system in place, you’re more likely to fall into your old routine of storing new items in an ad-hoc way. But that’s what caused the mess in the first place! Instead, it’s crucial to implement and commit to a logical organizational system. This will help reduce stress and promote cleanliness not just today but in the long-run!

You should set up your system with two very simple goals. First, it should help you easily find any items that you own. And secondly, it should make it easy to know where to store new additions. This part of the cleaning process takes a little more thinking and planning, which is why we recommend writing your system down on paper while you brainstorm. This will make it easier to remember and commit to in the future.

custom workbench garage cabinets Philadelphia

Use a Custom Storage System

If you store a specific set of tools in your garage, then you could hugely benefit by considering a custom storage system. Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia and South Jersey offers storage units like wall racks, floating shelves, hanging cabinets, workbenches and more, that we design, manufacture, and install to create a personalized storage system for your unique space. For those with a lot of items or particular paraphernalia in their garage, a custom storage system can be life-changing.

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