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Shoe Storage and Organization

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shoe shelving closet walk-in South Jersey

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! For shoe lovers and their partners, it can seem like a never-ending stream of shoes. Organize your closet to show off your passions and create a closet that makes it easy to get ready in the morning. Find top tips from your Philadelphia and South Jersey closet organizing pros at Closet & Storage Concepts!

shoe shelving closet walk-in South Jersey

Sort & Declutter

First, figure out what you love and declutter the shoes you don’t. While you’re evaluating your collection, set aside any shoes that could need a little love. From scuffs to broken straps, carefully evaluate your shoes.

Tend & Mend

Remember those shoes that you set aside? If you love a pair of shoes, but they need a little TLC, it’s time to put in some love. Shine, polish, and take any shoes to the cobbler before putting them away in storage. This will help them look their best if they’re out on display and prolong their life.

Display Options

Decide if it’s going on display

After you’ve decided what’s staying and what’s going, the next thing to consider is if you want your favorite shoes on display. If you want to create a boutique atmosphere in your closet, choosing to display them can help you achieve this look. If you’d rather they were tucked away, use a different storage option.

Shelving and Shoe Fences

For shoes that you want on display, shelving is a go-to option. Depending on the type of shoes you own, we suggest having shelves at different heights. This can give you space for over-the-knee boots, sandals, and everything in between. For an extra luxe look, add shoe fences to your design. They add functionality especially if you choose angled shelves. 

pullout shoe rack in custom closet South Jersey

Pullout Racks

Pullout shoe racks are great if your collection is more modest. These tend to work best for athletic shoes, flats, sandals, and men’s shoes but they can also work with heels. We love pullout racks since it’s easy to see what you own when getting ready for the day.


If you want to put some of your items on display, but worry about light, dust, and dirt potentially damaging them, cabinets are a great choice. You can use glass inserts to put them on view but limit exposure to the elements. For the ultimate boutique-look, we recommend in-cabinet lighting.


Cubbies are another great shoe storage option. It keeps each pair of shoes separate, so it’s like having built-in boxes in your closet! We usually install cubbies for flat shoes like sandals or tennis shoes but they can be built to your exact specifications.

Get Custom Organizers

The beauty of customized shoe storage is that there’s no right or wrong way to store your shoes. Speak with one of our local South Jersey closet designers and see how we can help you Make Room for Life®! Proudly serving the greater South Jersey areas including The Shore. Call for a FREE in-home estimate!

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