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Storage Improvements Worth Investing In

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wall of custom cabinet wall beds South Jersey

Would you like to increase your home’s value and make life more convenient and comfortable at the same time? If so, consider investing in these home storage solutions. They will make your life easier than before and enable you to command a higher price when it’s time to sell. 

wall of custom cabinet wall beds South Jersey

Transform Wasted Space

Is there a long wall in your living room or a bedroom that’s empty and looks unappealing? If so, transform it into useful storage space. An entertainment wall unit is a great addition to any living room and there are so many design options to pick from to suit your needs and budget. Empty bedroom walls can be modified by adding handy yet beautiful storage shelves or even a small entertainment center for a TV and decorative accessories.

Improve Your Bedroom Closets

Make it easy to reach clothes, shoes, and accessories at a moment’s notice with a few simple modifications. Create hanging areas by installing rods at two levels and add extra space to your closet. Pullout bins for accessories, socks, and undergarments will not only keep your closet neat but also prevent damage caused by carelessly stuffing items into shelves or boxes. For shoes, make them the center of attention with a section of adjustable shelves.

Pay Attention to Kitchen Storage

Anyone who may be interested in buying your home is certain to pay attention to kitchen storage options and you should do the same. A kitchen pantry is a good investment to help sell your home above market price, and the good news is that even small homes can accommodate a pantry if they don’t already have one. Installing a spice rack or lazy Susan in a corner cabinet helps take advantage of wasted space and can appeal to future buyers since it will be move-in ready. A custom storage company such as Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia can offer assistance to help you build or expand your pantry so that it suits your needs and those of a future buyer.

Add Storage Space to a Utility Room

built-in cabinets South Jersey for pets and familiesA handy laundry room with ample yet aesthetic storage space is a plus in any home. Add shelves and/or a closet to your utility room if you have space. A wall-mounted ironing board is also a big plus.

These ideas are tried and proven ways to increase your home’s value while giving you needed storage space. Consider the options, see which ones work best for you, and then contact your local closet and home furnishings experts at Closet & Storage Concepts. Trusted by your Philadelphia and South Jersey neighbors for more than 30 years.

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