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Creative Walk-Through Closet Ideas

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When it comes to organizing a walk-through closet, there are a few challenges to tackle that are outside the norm. We’ll walk through (pun intended!) some of our best tips for these unique closet spaces.  shoe shelving closet walk-in South Jersey

How to Know If You Have a Walk-Through Closet

Before we dive into it, what’s a walk-through closet?

Unlike walk-in closets that are often another room attached to a bedroom or bathroom, a walk-through closet is a combination of a hallway and a closet. This type of space is normally found between a master bedroom and a master bath, or between two kids’ rooms. Walk-throughs can be in a variety of sizes and footprints. It’s important to create enough storage without limiting movement between each room.

Organize It While Knowing You Have Less Wall Space

Walk-in closets often allow you to use four walls for storage. However, you will lose storage space in a walk-through closet because of the additional doorway. 

To combat this, use smart storage solutions. Hanging areas can be doubled up for additional storage space. Or you can install an upper shelf above the hanging areas. Or drawers can be built below that can hold folded clothing, extra linens, belts, shoe racks, socks, and other items. A closet organization company such as Closet & Storage Concepts Philadelphia can help you find a design to help you maximize space.

Long, Narrow Center Island Adds More Storage

A closet island in the center of the walk-through closet can provide additional storage for smaller items. It’s the perfect place for cubbies, shoes, jewelry, and accessories.

One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to make the island too large where a person bumps into the edges when walking past. Instead of a square island, consider a long, narrow one. This sleek and slim design provides enough walking room while still giving you all the drawers and cubbies you need.

Take Advantage of Tall Ceilings

If you have tall ceilings in your home, take advantage of them! Utilize wardrobe lifts that make it easy to access items, while keeping them out of the walkway. Shelves built up high can also be used to store blankets, seasonal belongings, or lightboxes. 

Finishing Touches

An organized walk-through closet requires you to maximize every available space with the right storage solutions. Also, don’t forget to add finishing touches such as LED lighting or task lighting, a small bench, or wood moldings. For additional design ideas for walk-through closets and closets of all types, speak with our local designers.

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