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Drool-Worthy Walk-In Closet Additions

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Philadelphia boutique walk-in closet design with storage accessories

From modest walk-ins to something only in the grandest of homes, take advantage of your storage space and beautify your closet. Get inspired with the Philadelphia and South Jersey team at Closet & Storage Concepts with these drool-worthy walk-in additions. Philadelphia boutique walk-in closet design with storage accessories


One of the most popular features of any walk-in closet is an island. Islands are the perfect addition when you want extra storage. Islands also work well to help split up an area, which can be helpful if you share a closet. Choose from a variety of materials and countertop options to fit your design aesthetic.

Dramatic Lighting

No closet should be without lighting that shows off their space. In large walk-in closets, lighting is the perfect opportunity to create a unique design. Use a combination of spotlights, in-cabinet lights, backlights, or a chandelier to create your desired aesthetic. Spotlights are perfect to highlight your favorite pieces, while ambient lighting gives you ample visibility to help you stay organized.

Boutique-Style Layouts

Walk-in closets often have the benefit of additional square footage. Use this to your advantage by creating a boutique-style space. Use open shelving, glass cabinets, and an island to display bags, shoes, and other wardrobe favorites. Using a boutique design lets you mix up whatever you wish to display.

Boutique custom closet design Philadelphia

Dressing Table Or Vanity

If you have space, consider adding a dressing table or vanity. This can streamline your morning or evening routine by putting your clothes, makeup, and accessories in one place. It’s the perfect addition to take advantage of space and create a piece of tranquility.

Lounge or Sitting Area

For a boutique feel, try a lounge or sitting area. A simple and elegant chaise or chair could be all you need to create a walk-in closet that feels personalized to you. Plus, it’ll double as a place for you to put on and take off shoes.

Build Your Perfect Closet

No matter how much space you have, make sure it speaks to you and helps you stay organized. To get help navigating your design and storage options, schedule your free in-home estimate with one of our closet designers. Proudly serving the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas for over 30 years!

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