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Closet Organization Strategies for Busy People

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Organizing your closet may take time but it is a great investment to help make it easier in the long run. There are strategies that you can use to ensure that your closet stays organized long-term so you don’t have to spend long hours re-organizing clothes, shoes, and accessories regularly. For those of you who are always on-the-go or just looking to speed up the process, below are some proven closet organization strategies that you may want to consider. woman choosing clothes and decluttering in closet

De-Clutter on the Go

Preventing clutter from building up in your closet is one of the best ways to keep your closet organized long-term. One good way to do this is to have a giveaway box for items that need to be tossed or donated. If you find a shirt or piece of clothing that you haven’t worn in a while as you’re getting ready, make space in your closet and put them in the box. Getting rid of things as you notice them will save you the time and hassle of setting aside an afternoon to go through all of your belongings at once.

Create “Zones”

First, you’ll need to decide how you want to classify your belongings. Classifying by type (i.e. shirts, shorts, dresses, pants, etc.) may seem obvious but it’s not always the best choice. Instead, consider grouping clothes by activity. Consider putting work clothes in one section of your closet and casual or leisure clothes in a different section. Alternatively, you may want to store items that you use every day in one place while storing items that are only used occasionally out of reach. Classifying your wardrobe will help you find items with ease so you’ll always know which section of the closet to look in when you need a particular item. If you need to adapt your closet to make room for your wardrobe, a reputable company such as Closet & Storage Concepts Philadelphia can help you design a closet storage solution that meets your exact needs.

Store Items Where They’re Used

Store items right where you’ll use them. Makeup can be stored in a vanity unit or bathroom cabinets. While business-related papers should be stored in your office. Shoes, accessories, and outerwear should be stored in a place that makes sense for your routines. This will streamline your routine.

Keeping a closet organized doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Adapt our suggestions as needed to suit your specific needs and schedule, and enjoy the benefits of a tidy, organized closet. Make Room for Life® with help from your local Philadelphia and South Jersey experts at Closet & Storage Concepts. We always offer free in-home estimates!

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