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Expert Closet Organization Tips

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bins and hampers for organized closet system South Jersey

If you struggle to keep your closets clean and organized, it’s time to get expert advice. Hear from our Philadelphia and South  Jersey closet organizers at Closet & Storage Concepts! You’ll find tips to make decluttering and closet organization a breeze. 

bins and hampers for organized closet system South Jersey

Know What to Get Rid Of

Our experts note that when considering your pieces, first evaluate what you’re going through. It doesn’t make sense to critique seasonal pieces especially if that season is about to start. It can be tough to remember what your favorite or least favorite items were last year. For pieces that you use year-round, consider disposing of items if you haven’t worn them in the last three to six months. Items in good condition can be given to a friend, sold at a garage sale or donated to charity. Items that aren’t in good condition should be trashed.

It’s also wise to get rid of any duplicate items you have. This includes clothing, accessories, and shoes.

Say No to Freebies

Saying no to sales isn’t easy. It’s also challenging to turn down free samples from events or gifts. However, these freebies can make your life miserable if you’ve accumulated too many of them that you don’t use in your bedroom closet. Go through the freebies you’ve acquired over the years and say goodbye to ones that you haven’t used in over a year. In the future, avoid acquiring freebies and duplicates unless you plan to use the extra items on a very regular basis.

Clean a Little Each Day

Don’t wait until your closet is a huge mess to start cleaning it out. A few minutes spent on cleaning each day can make a difference. Take a few moments to hang up clothes or sort them after you come home. Organize your knick-knacks if you see something out of place when you start your day or open your closet. Tidying up as you go can make a big difference at the end of the day.

Organize Your Closet

Use our expert tips to your advantage and get a closet that’s more organized than ever. However, don’t discount the possibility that you may need additional closet space to store clothes, accessories, and other items properly both now and in the future. If you find that your closet space just isn’t right for you, a custom closet company such as Closet & Storage Concepts Philadelphia can help you access your existing closet and draw up a design for customizing it to suit your exact needs. Our team has over 30 years of experience transforming spaces to help our clients Make Room for Life®! Serving the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey areas.

Our Best Closet Organizing Tips: