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3 Reasons to Utilize Shoe Racks In Your Home

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South Jersey organized closet system with pullout shoe rack

Maximize Space and Storage With Shoe Racks

Shoe racks are handy accessories that offer great value for your hard-earned cash. Discover why a growing number of Philadelphia and South Jersey homeowners are installing one or more shoe racks in their homes.Built-in mudroom shoe storage Philadelphia

1. Keeping the Floor Clean

It’s hard to keep floors clean, especially if you live with a spouse, children, or furry friends. Shoes that are used to work in the garden, play at school, or other activities are dirt magnets. Tracking debris across the carpet can not only encourage stains but also bring in allergens that would cause problems for pets or family members who are prone to asthma or allergies.

Thankfully, it’s not hard to change into clean house slippers before walking around your home if there’s a shoe rack in a hall closet. A custom home storage company such as Closet & Storage Concepts in Philadelphia can help you design and build a solution that suits your exact needs. You’ll never run out of shoe rack space even if your shoe collection expands.

2. Keeping Shoes in Good Condition

Shoes need to be stored properly to remain in good condition. Throwing wet shoes in a cluttered closet could lead to mold and unpleasant odors. Placing fancy, expensive dress shoes on the floor of your bedroom closet is also unwise as they could be stepped on or damaged. In the end, installing a shoe rack or shelving in your closet pays for itself by keeping your shoes looking good.

South Jersey modern closet system with pullout shoe rack

3. Making it Easy to Find Shoes at a Moment’s Notice

Are you sick and tired of looking for a particular pair of shoes that you want to wear for a special party, event, or meeting? Or, perhaps your child has a knack for misplacing shoes at the worst possible time. Bedroom closet shoe racks solve this dilemma by providing each person in a home with a place to put his or her shoes so they don’t get lost. 

Add Shoe Storage Solutions

It’s easy to install shoe racks in one or more of your closets. Simply count your shoes, see how much storage space you would need for them, and then select one or more closets that could use a shoe rack. Call the professionals at Closet & Storage Concepts to have a custom-designed solution installed, and then enjoy the many benefits of being able to store your shoes properly, quickly, and easily. We specialize in creating beautiful closet systems designed around your lifestyle. Trusted by your Philadelphia and South Jersey neighbors for more than three decades.

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