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Create a Peaceful, Clutter-Free, Home Haven

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Recharge your space and feel rejuvenated at home. This is the year to transform your home. Create a haven at home with these easy tips. built-in mudroom entryway organizer Philadelphia

Make it a Habit

Be resolved to turn your home into the oasis you want it to be. Start by changing your habits to keep your space clutter-free and neat. This will give your mind space to relax and breathe at home. 

  • Make the Bed: Start the day by making the bed. This is a great way to set your intentions for the day, and it’s a great way to start your day off right.
  • Put Things Away: From sorting your mail or putting clothes away after they are folded, making it a priority to put things back where they belong is a great way to keep clutter at bay.

Keep Work Hidden

For better sleep, separate your home and work life. If you work at home or take work home with you, have a place to keep your work separate. A small desk tucked away in a closet or a dedicated home office space can help create delineated spaces to help you maintain your work life.

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Clean Up Your Bedside Table

If you want to journal or read more this year, take a look at your bedside table. Get rid of clutter and dust it. Clutter can create feelings of anxiety, which can make it harder to fall asleep or wind-down. A few design touches will help you create a bedroom oasis. Try one of the following.

  • Good Light Source: Avoid straining your eyes when journaling or reading with good light. There are lots of different options to fit your design tastes.
  • Hidden Chargers: If you can, try to charge your phone away from your bed, or keep it tucked inside your bedside table drawer. Although it may take a few days to adjust, keeping electronics out of reach before bed can help you feel more relaxed.

Get Cozy

Create a feeling of warmth and coziness throughout your home. A few items to consider:

  • Create a reading nook: Use custom cabinets to create a reading nook. While a nook can be built along any wall, they do well next to windows for a natural lighting source. Reading nooks are also a great way to create extra storage and can be surrounded by custom shelving for books, games, and more.
  • Add a Throw: For chilly winter nights, get cozy with a throw. Throws make excellent housewarming gifts for friends and family and are the perfect accessory to stay warm while adding a cozy design touch in your home.

Get Expert Tips

Get cozy and create a space of zen throughout your home. To take control of your clutter, call Closet & Storage Concepts. We’re proud to be your Philadelphia & South Jersey custom closet and home storage experts. Visit us at the Marlton Shopping Center.

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