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Creating a Boutique Closet Dressing Room

modern glam boutique custom closet Philadelphia

Let’s face it: your closet is as outdated as harem pants and no longer fits everything you have. But you don’t just want a simple closet hack. You want a glamorous and over-the-top upgrade that would make any celebrity jealous. Here are some tips to turn your old closet into a celebrity dressing room with help from the Philadelphia team at Closet & Storage Concepts.

modern glam boutique custom closet Philadelphia

Fashionable Storage & Design

If you want your closet to feel glamorous, consider upgrading your space with floor-to-ceiling shelves. Utilize every nook and cranny, and then equip the shelves with rolling ladders. Rolling ladders provide easy access to high spaces (you never know when once on-trend items will trend again) and infuse the area with a sense of unapologetic glamour. For hanging storage, wardrobe lifts are another practical alternative.

Other fashionable storage ideas include:

  • Slanted wooden shelves with shoe fences
  • Brass hardware for hanging rods, cabinet pulls, and knobs
  • Two-tone colored cabinets
  • Glass shelves and partitions with in-cabinet lighting. Glass shelving is a great way to display a colorful collection of designer bags. 

Jewelry & Drawer Organization

Ample drawer space is key to creating a glamorous closet. All those designer sunglasses take up room, right? Shallow drawers are better than drawers that are super-deep; they allow you to see everything –rings, necklaces, vintage brooches – at a glance, and you won’t have to dig around to find your favorite accessories. Add an extra layer of glamour with custom-made jewelry drawers lined in plush velvet. If you have a large dressing room, like a walk-in closet that could almost double as a salon, consider installing a wardrobe or island just for accessories. It will free up closet and drawer space while giving you a chic place to get ready. Any fashionista is going to be jealous of your new closets.

shoe shelving closet walk-in South Jersey

Make it Glow

To create a striking visual impact in a closet space, you need good lighting. Or as they say in the movie business, you want lighting that’s flattering. Not only does every heel and blazer have to be in the right place; they need to be highlighted by lights from multiple angles. A simple overhead light might be too boring for some. Sconces, chandeliers, or some other creative secondary light source will make your clothes look as glamorous as if they were strutting down a fashion runway.

Create Your Dream Closet 

If you’re looking to turn your old closet into a celebrity-inspired dressing room, Closet & Storage Concepts can help. Contact the Philadelphia and South Jersey closet experts and schedule your free in-home design consultation to get started.

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