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Create a Custom Utility Closet

built-in wall units pet and utility room Philadelphia

Ditch the Junk Drawer and Go For a Custom Utility Closet Instead!

built-in wall units pet and utility room Philadelphia

Almost everyone has a junk drawer. Maybe yours is a kitchen drawer or you have an office drawer that you’d rather not talk about. Junk drawers are great for holding the bits and bobs that we periodically use: think small tools, batteries, lighters, extra Christmas light bulbs, stamps, take-out menus, screws, tweezers, scissors, bills, dislodged clothing buttons, small needle and thread kits, spare keys, and countless other items. In fact, we can toss in so much stuff that we may need a whole different solution to hold all of our things! If it gets to this stage, your junk drawer is probably out of control. Here are tips on how to ditch the drawer and create a separate space for the items.

Move Items that Are Sensitive to Moisture

Many items we store in a junk drawer shouldn’t be exposed to the humidity, moisture, or warm temperatures. Batteries and uncoated metal items should never be kept in warm and moist locations. Even light bulbs that are not wet-rated should be kept in a dry location to prevent condensation from forming inside. Any paper items such as bills, stamps, receipts, and take-out menus can become wet if the sink overflows and gets into a drawer.

Take out everything and start sorting through it. If you want to continue to use a junk drawer, only place back items that will be in constant use and can handle a wet and humid kitchen environment.

Place Items into a Utility Closet

A lot of times, we already have a closet that holds most of our large utility items, such as spare cables, extra remote controls, a vacuum cleaner, dusters, and other items. So, transferring any spare items from your junk drawer should not be difficult. One of the top worries that people will have about moving these things into a closet is that they worry about losing small items.

There are many ways to organize smaller sized items so they are still accessible and can be found. Consider customized shallow drawers, drawer dividers, and multi-level shelving for batteries, a measuring tape, and small tools. Over-the-door hanging storage solutions may be adequate if you only have a few items.

Create A Custom Closet Space

Let’s face it. We gather a lot of things that we may need at a later date but simply don’t have a dedicated space. Whether it is an old VHS player to watch old home movies or extra sockets and attachments for tools, we simply want to hold onto them.

Having a place to gather all these items in one central location can make it easier and while reclaiming the junk door for all of your kitchen storage needs. A custom closet designer at Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia can help tame your junk drawers and create a space for all types and sizes of items. Get started by visiting our showroom or giving us a call!

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