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Tips for Storing Delicate and Keepsake Clothing

wedding dress hanging in closet storage

Throughout our lives, we collect articles of clothing that can have sentimental value. It may be a handcrafted quilt or shawl passed down through the family. Other times, it can be graduation gowns you want to save, a wedding dress to pass on to your daughter, or even baby clothing that instills happy memories. If delicate and keepsake clothing is left in your closet without precautions or protection, pests and dust can wreak havoc them. Even ultraviolet light from day-to-day sunlight can cause yellowing to white clothing and fade bright colors. Here are some tips to prolong the life of your sentimental clothing from the Philadelphia team at Closet & Storage Concepts. 

wedding dress hanging in closet storage

Clean and Separate Clothing

  • The first thing you want to do is separate any day-to-day clothes from keepsake items. Having it wedged up against other everyday items increases the chances of rips and damage. Give your special items a dedicated storage space.
  • Have the clothing laundered or dry cleaned. Always make sure the clothing is completely dry before placing it into storage.
  • Now is also the perfect time to fix and tend to any deep stains, tears, or missing buttons or zippers.

Store in a Dark and Climate Controlled Area

Avoid storing keepsake clothing in attics where heat will degrade the fabrics or in basements where moisture can cause mold and mildew. Select an interior hall closet or bedroom closet that doesn’t have windows where the sunlight can cause ultraviolet light damage. Interior closets will also typically be more climate-controlled.

If you want to dedicate an area in your closet entirely to keepsake clothing or have a custom closet created by an experienced professional, contact Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia and South Jersey. Our team will ensure that all of your clothes and accessories will fit in a beautiful new storage system designed for your needs. You will also have an easier time locating the keepsake items to inspect them periodically for damage if they are kept in one central location.

Pack and Organize for Long-Term Storage

Avoid hanging any clothing, especially heavy wedding dresses and graduation gowns, on hangers. These articles can become stretched due to the weight of the material.

  1. Instead, wrap each item separately in archival tissue paper.
    1. If the clothing has any metal on it such as buttons, pins, or belt buckles, detach the metal and wrap the items up separately. This will prevent corrosion, rust, or other damage.
  2. Once the clothing is wrapped in the tissue paper, place them into acid-free storage boxes. Acid-free boxes will prevent discoloring or damage to the fabric. 
  3. Label the boxes and place them into the designated spot in your closet.
    1. The gap above your closet shelves is an ideal place for sentimental and delicate clothes. 

Start On Your Project

Our keepsakes mean the world to us, and they should be kept in good condition. Help your garments last for generations by storing your delicate and sentimental clothes with care. To Make Room For Life® in your home, contact the closet professionals at Closet & Storage Concepts Philadelphia for a free in-home estimate!

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