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Creative Pet Storage Closet Ideas

South Jersey cabinet closet system with pet storage supplies

Having pets can be a wonderful experience as they can bring a comforting and joyful presence to your home. However, it can be tricky to store all of the needed supplies for happy and healthy pets.

From dog beds in the corner of the living room and cat litter boxes in the kitchen, to spare leashes lying on the floor by the front door, it’s helpful to have one dedicated space for your pet’s items. You may even want an area where your pet can sit, sleep, or relax away from the hustle and bustle in the rest of the house. Consider redesigning a spare closet or cabinet into a pet storage area, dog den, or cat tunnels using these creative ideas. South Jersey cabinet closet system with pet storage supplies

Decide What You Want for a Pet Closet

Will this cabinet closet be a place to store all of your pet’s necessities, or will it also be a place to store litter boxes or a kennel? Before transforming the closet into a storage area for your pet, you want to figure out which items you want to store inside it. Then you can decide whether you will need certain storage devices, such as hooks for pet leashes, clothing rods for pet clothing (or your raincoat for walks), or bins to hold toys.

Special Precautions for Pet Food Storage

Take special consideration when you store pet food and snacks. Many food and snacks should be stored in temperature-controlled environments away from direct heat and light. Also, safely place food in a way that prevents pets from sneaking extra servings into their diet. Clear, air-tight storage containers can prevent pets from clawing open large dry food bags while closed lids keep everything fresh. Contact one of the designers at Closet & Storage Concepts to learn more about custom closet design ideas. They have more than 30 years of experience serving the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas.

Focus on Your Pet’s Comfort

Take advantage of as much space as you can. Mount small hooks on doors or use a slide-out rack to hang pet leashes, cat feather toys, and other items that can be hung up. You can also place small ledges so that your cat can jump up into the upper part of the closet. Alternatively, customized cabinets will make it easy to create a hideaway nook for cats.  As for the space at the bottom of a closet, for dogs that are jumpy or crate trained, place their bed in there so they will have a nice and quiet place to sleep or calm down. For our cat owners, place the litter box to create a sealed-off area away from other areas of your home. 

Explore Design Possibilities

If you have a spare closet or utility room that you want to makeover and Make Room for Life®, consider turning it into a perfectly organized pet den.  Speak to our South Jersey closet designers for more details. Call to set up your design estimate! 

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