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Forgotten Areas to Spring Clean

messy junk drawer with extra tools

Spring has arrived! Many people do the normal routine of dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down their services, but if you’re looking to get every nook and cranny of your home ready, consider tending to these often forgotten areas.

messy junk drawer with extra tools

5 Areas Of Your Home and Life to Get Organized This Spring

  • Junk Drawer. Every home has a place where you store miscellaneous things from super glue to extra screws. Tackle the junk drawer this spring. Have rubber bands turned brittle and dry? Are those extra batteries still good? Clear out items you no longer need or are in irreparable condition. Consider creating a dedicated utility closet for these miscellaneous items or utilize drawer dividers to create a specific place for everything.
  • Tech and Devices. Use any extra time you may have to back up your devices. Spring is a good time to clear out space on your hard drive, try out a cloud service, and print photos out to enjoy. Switching out photos and prints is an easy way to change up your space on a budget.
  • Mudroom. As you’re likely clearing out your closet for spring, don’t forget to look at clothes and shoes in your coat closet or mudroom. Bring out spring layers, and shuffle shoes around for the new season. Before putting items away for storage, be sure that all items have been cleaned thoroughly and dried.
  • Craft and Hobby Rooms. Start a scrapbook or hobby you’ve always wanted to learn with the help of customized storage for tools and materials. Custom designed built-in shelves with dividers, drawers, and cabinets make completing any project you have in mind easy and relaxing.
  • Bedside Tables. Turn your bedroom and home into a haven by starting with your bedside table. Make a pile of books and magazines to donate, wipe down your lamp and table, and consider finding a new place for devices to make it easier to sleep at night. See more: Create a Peaceful, Clutter-Free Home Haven.

Custom office craft room in Maryland

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