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6 Closet Organizing Features You’ll Love

custom closet wardrobe with built-in lighting

If you’re looking to organize your spaces, look no further! Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia and South Jersey is here to help. We think you’ll love these organization features that are sure to help you and your entire family organize your closets.

custom closet wardrobe with built-in lighting

1. Jewelry & Drawer Dividers

For small items, drawer dividers are the perfect tool to help you stay organized. Use drawer dividers or trays for socks, sunglasses, or even ties. For more delicate pieces like jewelry, use fabric-lined jewelry trays. Plush velvet helps prevent tarnishing and scratches on earrings, rings, and bracelets. Jewelry trays with multiple slots are perfect for keeping jewelry tangle-free! For extra security, locks can be installed on drawers to protect valuables.

2. Plenty of Shelving

Are you a handbag addict? Or maybe a shoe lover? No matter what type of clothing items you have, multiple shelving areas are sure to help you stay organized. Plenty of shelving will make it easy to find and store clothes, bags, and shoes. This makes it easy to get ready for any event. Maximizing shelving can be tricky. Let the experts help by designing closet shelves of varying sizes and heights which are perfect for all kinds of items from knee-high boots to small wallets.

3. Sliding Shoe Racks

For shoe lovers, a shoe storage solution is key. We love using sliding shoe racks to help our clients stay organized. Shoe racks provide a dedicated storage area so they don’t mix in with clothes and other accessories. Built-in sliding shoe racks are perfect for providing easy access to shoes. 

4. Belt and Tie Slide Racks

Smaller items like belts and ties can get lost amongst pants, long flowy dresses, luggage, or any other larger items that you have stored in your closets. Belt and tie racks are low profile and keep accessories in good condition. Our sliding racks are also perfect for scarves or other accessories.

5. In-Cabinet Lighting

Lighting seems may seem like a strange thing to talk about when discussing closet organization, but it’s a key design component that can alter the usability of your closets. Using lighting within your cabinets means nothing will ever be lost in a dark corner or forgotten about. In-cabinet lighting is sleek and is a great feature to add if you’re looking for a unique design that will help you get organized.

6. Glass Shelving & Doors

Another important part of staying organized is simply knowing what items you have. Utilizing glass shelves and doors gives you a window into your collections while adding beauty to your home.

It’s Time To Get Organized

Get organized with Closet & Storage Concepts! Our team is ready to help you with your project. In-home, virtual, and phone consultations are available. We are proud to be your Philadelphia and South Jersey closet experts for over 30 years.

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