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Creating Multipurpose Spaces at Home

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modern murphy bed and home office South Jersey

Are you looking to maximize space in your home? Are you struggling to have a place for crafts, hobbies, and work? Creating multipurpose spaces is the perfect way to Make Room For Life®. Our Closet & Storage Concepts team in Philadelphia and South Jersey have some innovative ideas to help you get inspired.

modern murphy bed and home office South Jersey

Guest Room to Home Office

If you need a dedicated home office space, a guest room is an ideal choice. Murphy wall beds can ensure that your home still has a place when guests visit while giving you space you need to stay productive. A dedicated home office can be customized to fit your needs. A large worktop, shelves for supplies, and filing drawers are some ideas to ensure your work area is organized and tidy.


The garage can be for more than parking the car! When thinking of ways to create multipurpose spaces, the garage presents many opportunities. Some ideas include:

  • Hobby space. Looking for space to paint, scrapbook, or any other hobby? No matter the size of your garage, built-in garage cabinets and workbenches can give you the space you need to create. storing seasonal supplies in Philadelphia
  • At-home gym. Stay in shape when staying at home. Having storage hooks and baskets for exercise bands, yoga mats, foam rollers, and other equipment can keep your garage tidy while giving this area another purpose. A garage is an ideal place for at-home gyms as it often offers plenty of floor space to do a wide range of activities from HIIT routines, dancing, or anything in between.
  • Gardening & supply storage. For those with green thumbs, turn your garage into a parking space for your gardening tools and supplies. Tall cabinets keep tools organized, and keep clutter out of view when not in use.

Loft & Attic Spaces

Loft or attics can also be key candidates for creating a multipurpose area. They can be used to create a game room, lounge area, TV-watching-area, or even another office. If your home needs multiple work areas, consider repurposing your loft or attic. This is also a great way to implement physical barriers from work and home life.

Need Help?

Not sure how to maximize your space? Get creative ideas from the Philadelphia and South Jersey team at Closet & Storage Concepts. Get a FREE 3D design estimate. We offer in-home, virtual, and phone consultations!

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