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Purge These Five Items and Prepare for Fall

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Summer is coming to a close in a few weeks. Prepare your home for Fall by decluttering your home. Consider these five items and declutter along with Closet & Storage Concepts.built-in garage red cabinets and workbench new jersey

  • Summer Plants. With a new season approaching, it’s a great time to evaluate your garden. Perhaps it’s time to switch out summer flowers with fall foliage that can tolerate shadier weather. While you’re out gardening, take a look in your garage. Could you use some new pruning sheers? Is it a mess? It’s not too late to get organized for the new season ahead. A custom garage workbench can also help you continue to pursue hobbies well into cooler months.
  • Books and Magazines. Did you set a reading goal for the summer? It’s time to declutter your home by returning books to the library and recycling magazines and other printed materials. When it comes to looking at your bookshelves, are there any books you won’t revisit in the next year? Consider donating them and making space for the tomes you do love.
  • Sunscreen and Skincare. Take stock of your beauty supplies. Many suncare products expire in a year after being opened. Take a look at your stash to see if there are any products you can declutter. Many people also experience drier skin in fall and winter. Decluttering your cabinets is a great way to make room for new products.
  • Cords and Office Clutter. The new school year is a great time to evaluate your office areas. Custom desks are great for adults and kids alike. Finally declutter your office by getting rid of extra cords you no longer such as video and audio cords, chargers, and more. Built-in desks are a great way to keep your worktop clear of clutter and cords.
  • Clothes That No Longer Fit. Help your child go through their closets to see if they’ve outgrown clothes and accessories. Donate clothing items if they are in good condition or pass them down to younger siblings. When it comes to containing clutter in their closets, adjustable closet systems are a great option to store all of their items while allowing flexibility as they grow.

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