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Custom Closet Design: Statement Closets

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two-tone wood custom closet system with clothing and drawers

How to Make Your Closet Shine

Focal points are an important part of interior design. By definition, focal points are meant to draw a person’s eye and interest. A focal point should help set the theme and mood in a space. Use focal points throughout your home including in your closet. A closet offers a blank canvas to make a striking statement. Here are several ways to make a design statement in your closet.

two-tone wood custom closet system with clothing and drawers

Striking and Bold Accent Colors

One interior design strategy that can be used in your closet is an accent wall. An accent wall is an easy way to create a focal point in a closet.

Painting closet cabinet doors in bright, bold contrasting colors can add visual interest. You can also go with a more natural approach. Try a dark brown or black closet system to contrast against lighter, neutral wall paint. Working with a professional closet designer can help you find the perfect match for your closets. Contact the local experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia and South Jersey to learn more!

Make It a Work of Art

There is so much that can be done with closet walls to make a design statement. Consider hanging artwork or decorative wallpaper to add pizzazz. This works especially well in walk-in closets. Alternative hanging art pieces include tapestries, layers of lace in a photo box, or macrame to add texture to your walls.

For a child’s or teen’s bedroom, let their artistic side show through by using stencils and paint brushes. They can create nature scenes, or recreate artwork from one of their favorite stories or movies. Extend artwork into their bedroom for a complete look.

Seek a Functional Design

A focal point doesn’t have to revolve around paint colors or artwork in your interior design. You can also make a focal point in the way you make the room more functional and comfortable. Consider placing shelves on the outside of the door where you can set items such as books, plant vases and various knickknacks. You can also use the doors to display awards or family heirlooms. Ensure any shelving is sturdy and durable.

Get Professional Expertise

If you are looking for additional closet design or organization tips, reach out to our experts. We offer in-home, virtual, and phone consultations to help you create your dream closet. Trusted by your neighbors in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas for more than 30 years!

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