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Functional Storage and Design Tips

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One of our guiding philosophies at Closet & Storage Concepts is to help you Make Room For Life®. We believe in the power of functional and beautiful home storage solutions! When it comes to creating a stress-free home there are few things to keep in mind. custom home storage furnishing solution Philadelphia

  1. Focus on Your Routines

Your storage and organization solutions should be focused on your needs. Room layouts and storage solutions should keep this in mind. Any designer you work with should help you maximize space based on your needs. Here are two examples. (1) If you mainly have clothes and accessories that can be stacked or folded, your closet should not feature plenty of drawer and shelving space instead of hanging areas. (2) If you’re used to having sugar with your coffee, your pantry layout should take this into consideration and work with your daily routines.

  1. Consider Multiple Uses

For homes that are short on space, you’ll need to take plan carefully. A home office may need to double as a guest room, or the kitchen may need to double as a craft zone. To make the design and functionality of your home fit, be sure to involve your family. Custom desks and Murphy beds are a common solution when you want to maximize space and storage in any room.

  1. Tackle Pain Points

Don’t shy away from the areas of your home that you have trouble with! Instead, take the opportunity to make them work for you. A messy corner in your living room can be rejuvenated with built-in seating and storage for books, games, and more. If you are dealing with difficult dimensions due to awkward angles or slopped ceilings, working with a designer is a great way to limit stress and solve your design dilemmas. Our team of designers and installers have years of experience and have completed thousands of home storage projects in the Philadelphia area to help you create a beautifully functional space.

  1. Make Life Simple

Finally, ensure that any new furniture or storage solution makes your life simple. Lighting is often overlooked, but can play a huge part in creating a certain atmosphere and help with daily tasks. In addition, consider materials and finishes. Durable furniture-grade solutions are sure to hold up to everyday life. When it comes to finishes, be sure you choose them with your lifestyle in mind. Glossy finishes, for example, can add a beautiful texture to your room but can be much harder to keep free of fingerprints compared to matte or wood-grain textures.

Make Room for Life®

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