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The Cutting Edge: Custom Closet Trends

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modern custom closet storage and organization system

Now more than ever, custom closet upgrades are on the rise. As a trendy upgrade to homes new and old, a custom closet is as much a statement of style as the clothes it contains. At Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia and New Jersey, we’ve installed countless closet systems, each different from the last. Here are some of the most popular trends in custom closet upgrades.

Sleek Modern Finishes

Modern closet design relies just as much on form as it does on function. Custom glass-front cabinets are a sleek option to protect shoes from dust without hiding them from view. If you prefer a painted finish, Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia and South Jersey offers a variety of colors. Brushed aluminum is a great choice for a streamlined modern closet. Our closet systems are designed and built in-house, giving our designers flexibility to match your specific needs and style.

Light it Up

Custom closet lighting has been an overlooked aspect of custom closet storage, but it is rising in popularity. Custom light fixtures help you find the right clothes to wear and save time in the mornings.

custom closet wardrobe with built-in lighting

  • Recessed ceiling lights are an attractive lighting solution that provides overhead light.
  • Ribbon lighting hidden at the top of cabinets evenly diffuses light throughout the closet, shedding light on clothing unobtrusively.
  • Custom vanity lighting provides a place to get ready for the day and make sure your outfit is perfect.

Flexible Fixtures

A popular custom closet trend is the addition of accessories to increase functionality. Adding utility to custom closets is often limited by the space in the closet itself, so an attractive choice for added function is the addition of folding or collapsible features. Fold-down ironing boards add ironing capability to a closet without taking up floor space. Our slide-out mirrors provide a convenient place to fix hair and straighten clothes without taking up wall space. Expanding valet rods allow you to plan an outfit for the next day, and collapse out of the way when not in use.

Adjustable Storage

Closet design has always trended towards creating the most useful storage space. With every custom closet installation, we take care to pack as much year-round utility into the design. Many of our closet elements are convertible from season to season, making it easy to switch out seasonal clothes as the weather changes. With adjustable shelving, switchable basket storage, and spacious closet cabinetry, we build an organization solution that works all year long.

Update Your Closet

Inspired by these custom closet trends? Contact us for a free in-home consultation. Our expert designers will walk you through the custom closet design process and make sure your closet is as functional as it is trendy. We’re excited to work with you to create your dream closet organization system. 

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