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Laundry and Linen Closet Design Ideas

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organized laundry room with stacked machines

Create a multipurpose room by combining your laundry and linen closet. Here are some tips on how to organize a linen closet to make space for all your laundry room necessities from the Philadelphia team at Closet & Storage Concepts.

organized laundry room with stacked machines

Layout Ideas

Your layout should be designed to fit your washer and dryer. Depending on the size of your closet or laundry room, smaller, stackable, front-loading machines may work better. Keep in mind that if your machines are not on the ground level, the vibrations and sound may be heard in adjacent rooms.

Be sure you have proper drainage in the flooring or wall for the wastewater and vents for the dryer. A stackable unit will offer more room for a narrow closet, while placing the machines side by side is ideal for linen closets that have more width than height.

Storage Cabinets for Narrow Closets

To have a place to store cleaning products and linens, a tall standing cabinet may be the perfect solution. It can be placed next to your stacked appliances for easy reach. Linens can be placed along the bottom shelf or in drawers. Cleaning products can be stored nicely in the upper cabinet section as they will be out of reach of kids and pets. Many cabinets will have an open table surface in the middle where you can fold laundry.

A customized laundry storage cabinet can even be outfitted with a small pull-out ironing board. A utility closet manufacturer, such as Closet & Storage Concepts Philadelphia, can provide design ideas based on the size and available space in your home. For places to hang clothes such as sweaters and workout gear, consider creating a hanging area. This will create a dedicated area without having multiple places to care for your clothes.

Work Benches and Shelves for Wide Closets

Laundry or linen closets with more space may utilize the walls as storage spaces. Hanging shelves and cabinets can make the perfect places for linens such as towels and blankets. You can also install hanging rods and hooks for wet clothing, coats, and towels so they can dry fully. Along the floor, shoe cubbies can provide the right amount of storage for footwear that has been cleaned. A long workbench with floor cabinets can round out your space to hold additional items.

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You can place a wide range of organization and storage designs in a linen closet or laundry room. Creating a space with multiple purposes is our forte! Contact us to set up your free design estimate. Now offering appointments in-home, by phone, or online. 

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