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Multigenerational Home Storage Solutions

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Caring for parents at home is becoming more popular as it can encourage family time and help reduce costs compared to nursing home or retirement facilities. Organizing and designing a multigenerational home can help aging parents better adjust to present and future living conditions. It can also make it a safer indoor environment to prevent accidents. Here are several ways to make a multigenerational home more organized for aging parents.  custom grey pantry storage shelving Philadelphia

Open Shelves and Drawers

When things are hidden behind doors, it can make it more difficult for aging parents to remember where things are stored. Instead of storing everything away out of sight, place common everyday items that are frequently used on open shelves or cabinets with glass door inserts. This method will allow family members to see what is inside and allows you to better stock up on items when inventory runs low.

Waist Level Shelves

When items are placed too high, an aging parent can have problems reaching it if they suffer from mobility issues or other medical conditions. This can also be dangerous. Heavy bottles, such as laundry detergent and cleaners, can be a struggle to reach. Instead, use shelf organizers that allow items to be reached at waist level. Pullout shelving and drawers can also make it easier to access certain items. A home storage manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts in Philadelphia can help you design shelves and home organizers with adjustable options to accommodate all family members.

Work Benches Near Storage Organizers

 To make things more efficient and limit items being moved around frequently, create work benches and counter space. In addition to designing storage shelves and cabinets, a few clever storage solutions work well. These types of storage systems are ideal for laundry rooms and pantries. Consider a large counter area to fold clothes or a pullout ironing board to get out wrinkles.

Have Questions?

Designing a multigenerational home requires some planning and design considerations. Speak with a designer to see how you can upgrade your home and get organized for members of your entire family. Closet & Storage Concepts is proud to be the trusted choice for families in the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey areas. Locally-owned and operated!

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