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Pantry Storage: Glassware

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custom pantry wetbar storage with glasses on display

More and more, pantries are being transformed into multi-functional spaces. They house pet supplies, mini wine cellars, and even small refrigerators for mini bars. Accompanying glassware like champagne flutes, glass tumblers, and beer pints make sense to store in your pantry near drink ingredients. Storing glassware in a pantry will give you more space to prep and cook meals. Here are several kitchen pantry storage designs to use for drinking glasses. custom pantry wetbar storage with glasses on display

Hanging Storage

Hanging glass racks can be placed along the bottom of upper cabinets or shelves in the pantry. These types of organizers are ideal for any glasses that have stems, such as champagne flutes, wine glasses, and martini glasses. This keeps shelf and cabinet space free for dishes and other ingredients. One thing to keep in mind is that because the glasses will be out in the open, they can become dusty. So they will need regular dusting and cleaning.

Cabinet Storage

If you want to avoid cleaning glasses constantly, opt for a pantry cabinet with a glass front. Then you can store all your glassware in one spot for easy access. You may also wish to designate two cabinets as glass storage spaces. One cabinet will have your more elegant and delicate drinking glasses, while the second cabinet will hold plastic cups and mugs that are frequently used. This set up will prevent accidents and damage to your precious glass pieces. Speak with a home storage manufacturer, such as Closet & Storage Concepts of South Jersey, who can discuss different kitchen pantry designs for all of your items including glassware.

Drawers for Glassware

Although less common, you can store your glasses in drawers inside your pantry. This arrangement is perfect if your cabinets are already filled with ingredients. Drawers are often installed at waist level and are very deep inside to accommodate glasses of varying heights. Glasses can be stored upside down to prevent dust from getting inside. Drawer organizers can also be used so they do not bump and clink against each other.

Get Started

Having trouble storing everything in your kitchen pantry? Let us help you store your glasses, dishes, baking, and cooking tools. Transform you kitchen with Closet & Storage Concepts. We have been serving the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas for over 30 years. Contact us for a free in-home, phone, or virtual design consultation.

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