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How to Take Small Steps to Declutter Your Home

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If you’ve been living in a home that’s cluttered, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed by your own belongings. Clutter can quickly make you feel crowded, anxious, and even depressed, so it’s important to begin to take steps to gradually declutter and organize your home. Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia is happy to provide you with everything that you’ll need to design the perfect storage systems within your house. organized modern laundry cabinets Philadelphia

Take these steps to begin to declutter your living space: 

Set a Period of Time for Each Session

Set aside a specific amount of time that you’ll dedicate to decluttering sessions. Then use a timer to time each session, at least at first. This will help provide you with the motivation that you need to start working and continue sorting and donating items throughout your home. If you know that you only need to clean and sort for fifteen minutes at a time, it can be a little easier to continue the work. Plan to work on set areas of your home for a little bit each day until your decluttering work is completed. 

Organizing Remaining Items

Once you’ve settled on the items that you’ll be keeping in each specific area of your home, you can begin to organize them. Decide how you’d like to use the space and what works best for storing anything that you’ve decided to keep. Then you can organize the remaining items. If the layout of the area doesn’t work well, or if you don’t have the storage space that you need, you may need to consult with a storage professional to help you create a storage space that works better for you and your family. Closet & Storage Concepts can assess the area and then help you add shelving and other storage solutions that you need, precisely where you need it. 

Areas We Organize

Whether you need customized closets, unique storage options, or a laundry room that’s designed to function just the way your family needs it to, our skilled professionals are happy to assist. We offer free design estimates so we can evaluate your existing living space and the way that you use it, and then help you make necessary changes so that it all works more effectively. Whether you need extra shelving, more storage, or customized solutions, we’re happy to help. Contact us today to learn more about the creative storage solutions that we offer for your home. Proudly serving the greater Philadelphia-metro area and South Jersey.

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