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Reorganizing Your Space to Maximize Storage

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Usually towards the beginning of a new year, whether it is when we take down the Christmas decorations or because we made a New Year’s resolution, we undergo a major home cleaning project. As part of the cleaning process, we also will often declutter and toss out the items that we do not need.

Unfortunately, the task of tossing something out can become a priority in our minds as we look for something to throw into the garbage bin that makes it feel as if we accomplished cleaning. Yet not every big cleaning project has to involve purging our items. There are times when just reorganizing our homes allows us to keep the items we worked hard to earn while providing us with the extra space that we need. custom grey entertainment wall system Philadelphia

Here are several tips to reorganizing the space without having to do the big purge.

Entertainment Organization

We often get new gaming systems, Blu-ray players, and movies for gifts that fight for room with older electronic systems, games, and CDs by the television. Tossing older items we no longer cherish is not always a good idea. There may be a malfunction with the newer system where you have to go back to using your older equipment. In addition, we can sometimes repurpose old cords with our newer items.

Store away older systems in a custom cabinet for safe keeping. Another tip is to place older systems in another room, such as game systems in a playroom, for the younger kids to use. Then invest in a wall system that provides enough storage for the items that you want to keep in your living room. A wall unit or entertainment center can provide enough shelves and cabinets to store items in one place without having the items scattered about the room. A home closet manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts of South Jersey can create a customized wall unit to fit into your space.

Pantry Organization

As families get bigger, it can be difficult to find extra space to store shelf-stable and canned foods in the kitchen. Even an existing kitchen pantry that was once organized can start to overflow. Reorganizing the pantry with a system that works best with any new items will help to get food items off the ground and into safer locations. Placing in adjustable shelves, pullout drawers, and even using the pantry doors as storage places can provide additional room for your ingredients and cooking tools.
Also, keep in mind that a pantry does not have to be located directly in the kitchen to be put into use. Installing a standing pantry system in a hallway or dining room adjacent to the kitchen can offer another area to store additional food items.

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Garage Organization

Garages typically experience disorganization based on the seasons. In the winter, there will be spilled driveway salt bags and snow shovels that tip onto the floor, while spring will have fertilizer bags and garden tools scattered on the floor. When dealing with seasonal messes, consider storage solutions that can work with all seasons.

Peg boards and hanging systems will allow snow shovels, garden tools, and rakes to be hung up and out of the way. Garage storage cabinets can house both rock salt and fertilizer, along with motor oils and antifreeze for automobiles.

It’s Time to Get Organized

You don’t have to purge your belongings when cleaning out your home to create valuable storage space. Instead, evaluate your existing storage systems while deciding whether new customized solutions will provide better organization to every room. Get expert advice and design suggestions from the local team at Closet & Storage Concepts. Proudly serving Philadelphia and South Jersey for more than 30 years.

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