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Protect Clothes with a Custom Closet

custom closet walk-in with wood glass doors

Protecting your clothes is a great way to keep your favorite pieces looking fresh for years to come. Custom closets are a great investment to protect clothes while adding value to your home. Here are some ways to repair and protect your clothes from common pests and other problems. 

custom closet walk-in with wood glass doors

Sun Damage

Sun damage can be caused if you have a window in your closet that experiences the sun’s full, bright rays. The ultraviolet light from the sun can cause clothing colors to fade or turn yellow due to the harmful ultraviolet light. It can also lead to cracked and damaged leather good. 

Repair: To repair clothing, you can try color safe bleach on colored clothing and regular bleach on white clothes. If the bleaching is severe, you may need to dye the clothing to restore the brightness. If they cannot be repaired, consider giving them a second life as clothes to wear when gardening, doing outdoor work, or donate them.

Protect: To prevent sun damage, having wood cabinet doors in your closet can help protect your clothes. Blinds and other window treatments can also help block the sun’s rays from wreaking havoc.

Pest Damage

There are two common household pests that damage clothes: moths and carpet beetles. Their larva eats the fibers on clothing that create holes and fraying.

Repair: It can be difficult to repair clothing that has experienced significant damage. For smaller holes, be sure clothing is cleaned and then sew clothes together. Patches can also be used to hide holes.

Prevent: To prevent further infestation, vacuum to remove the bugs as well as remove their source of food which is debris, hair, and dead bugs. You can also use pheromone traps to catch the bugs. Be sure to clean items thoroughly before placing them back in your closet.

Water Damage

Water damage can cause extensive damage to clothes, accessories, and your home.

Repair: Salvaging water damaged clothing can be difficult depending on the severity. If the water came from a hot or cold water pipe, then clothes can likely be saved. Unfortunately, clothing immersed in sewage water will likely need to be thrown out. Be sure to contact professionals to restore your home and possessions.

Prevent: A custom closet manufacturer like Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia can help to repair damaged closets or create a new closet designed to resist water damage. Building any closet storage off the ground can also help protect your clothes from potential damage. 

Need More Help?

Keep your favorite items safe and protected. Create a closet system that is both functional and beautiful. Ready to take the next step? Contact Closet & Storage Concepts to schedule a free design estimate! Proudly serving the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey areas for over 30 years.

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