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Fun Custom Closet Ideas

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Looking to spruce up your closet? If the current state of your closet isn’t inspiring you to put together your best looks, you may want to consider a total redesign! Whether you want your walk-in closet to feel as luxurious as a high-end retail store, or you want to keep it as neat and simple as possible, our expert designers at Closet & Storage Concepts in Philadelphia and South Jersey can make your dream closet come to life. Check out some of our fun custom closet ideas to get you inspired for your next home project.

custom closet design


Boutique style closets are growing in popularity in modern homes. For this style, options are endless when it comes to how you want your closet to display all your shoes, handbags, and clothes. Choose several key statement pieces that you want to showcase and group them together to fit your aesthetic. Consider adding a custom closet island that serves as the centerpiece of your closet. This adds more room for storage or a fun way to display accessories and jewelry. As an alternative to an island, you can transform the center area of your closet into a lounge area. Pick out your favorite furniture pieces to add an element of luxury and practicality!



Farmhouse style houses are all the new craze nowadays. Bring a rustic element to your closet by incorporating natural wood and iron pieces. Another unique idea is to install a sliding wooden ladder as a decorative piece and to reach higher shelving. You can maximize your space by adding in high shelves to store away your rotating seasonal gear. Consider a farmhouse style sliding door for both a rustic touch and privacy. 



Less is more when it comes to any minimalist design. An important aspect of this closet style is to have enough storage space to store your items, keeping them out of sight. Clean styles and neutral colors will create a stunningly polished look. Pick a few neutral colored pieces and space them along a rack to showcase your key pieces. 


Redesigning your closet should be fun and allow for lots of creativity. When it comes to custom closets, contact Closet & Storage Concepts for a free in-home or virtual consultation! Proudly serving Philadelphia and South Jersey for 30+ years.


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