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3 Tips for Closet Decluttering

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woman sorting and organizing clothes in closet

Cleaning out your closet may seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. When you work through the process of decluttering your closet one step at a time, you can easily eliminate items that you don’t need, make a donation to a local charity, and install storage that makes it easy to access everything you use regularly. Let’s look at some tips for closet decluttering:

woman sorting and organizing clothes in closet

1. Ask for Emotional Support if It’s Difficult

Decluttering your closet can be an emotionally stressful task, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve attempted it. You may have clothing from high school or college, items that no longer fit, or items that just aren’t to your taste any longer. If you’re worried that decluttering will be stressful, reach out to a friend for help. An organized friend can help you sort and make decisions so that the entire process goes more smoothly. If you’d prefer that they not help with the decisions, you can let them know this in advance, as well. In this case, they can keep you company and provide moral support.

2. Donate Items Immediately

As you declutter your closet, box or bag up anything that you don’t plan to keep. Then, arrange to have a donation pick-up at your home as soon as possible, or drop it off at a local donation center. This helps keep the items out of circulation (and out of your way) while you finish reorganizing your closet. 

3. Utilize Visible Storage Techniques

Closet decluttering won’t help if you don’t have the correct types of storage. As you downsize the items in your closet, consider reaching out to a local professional like Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia. Having closet storage installed that is specific to your needs can help make sure that everything is put away correctly, that you can access it easily, and that you’re able to see the items that you own. Visible storage techniques make it easy to stay organized while keeping all of your shoes, clothing, and accessories within easy reach.

Start Your Project

Decluttering your closet allows you to get rid of items that you no longer want, no longer use, or that no longer fit, and donate them to individuals who may be able to put them to use. In the process, you can also install more effective storage so that you can access the items that you use regularly. To conquer closet clutter, contact Closet & Storage Concepts today! Proudly serving the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey areas.

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