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Safely Storing and Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies

Keeping a tidy and clean home is more important than ever as we spend increasing amounts of time at home. To keep your cleaning supplies in order, consider these tips.

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Keep Dangerous Chemicals Out of Reach

Certain household cleaners can be toxic if ingested. Keeping chemicals like bleach out of reach of kids and pets is a great way to keep your family safe. Keep harmful chemicals out of reach by storing them on upper shelves or cabinets. Be sure your shelves are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your cleaning supplies. For an extra touch, use shelf liners to protect your cabinets from residue or spills.

Another popular option is to keep cleaning supplies in the garage. If this area in your home is not used often by children or pets, this could be a good solution for you. Keep in mind that some cleaners need to be stored in a dry and cool space. If this is the case, some cleaners may be better off inside your home where it’s temperature controlled.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Corralled & Organized

There are numerous methods if you are looking to keep your cleaning supplies organized.

One method is to keep cleaning supplies stored where they will be used. Think about toilet bowl cleaners, tub scrubbers, and other tools you may only use in one part of your home. Keeping supplies nearby will make doing chores easier. Use tubs and caddies to keep everything together and on hand.

When it comes to organizing supplies in your home, grouping them by shape, size, and use is common. Utilize shelving and cabinets to group each type of cleaning supply you have. Integrated pullout baskets can be useful for rags and other oddly-shaped items. Keep items you use often closer to eye-level for easy reach. For brooms, mops, and other tools, utilizing wall hanging storage is smart. Slatted wall systems or a pegboard can give you flexibility to change up your space and allow you to keep tools within easy reach.

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