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Tips for Sharing a Home Office

Sharing a home office isn’t always easy. If you’ve been sharing a home office or den with your partner or child while working from home, you’ve probably run into some issues. Here are some tips to help you cut out distractions, stay productive, and avoid arguments while sharing your home office.

Home office with ample storage space

Have A Discussion

Have a conversation with your partner or child about what both of you need to succeed while working and learning remotely and any concerns that have arisen. If your child is generating lots of clutter and it’s becoming a distraction, talk with them about keeping their school supplies organized and consider adding bins, shelves, or even a filing cabinet just for them. If you and your partner are struggling to hold Zoom calls in your home office at the same time, figure out whether headphones can solve the problem or you need to take turns using the room.

Rearrange The Room

As much as possible, move things around so everyone in your home office feels comfortable at their workspace. Many people like having their desk in front of a window for the view and natural light while others like having their desk face into an open space. Some people like their desk facing a wall to limit distractions. Once you know everyone’s preferences, try to configure the room in a way that makes everyone happy.

Don’t Forget To Decorate

If your home office wasn’t used as frequently before, it’s likely that you didn’t think much about the décor. Given all the time your household spends in your workspace now, it should be stylish and inviting. Add family photographs, art pieces, plants, or whatever speaks to you and your family.

Make Sure Everyone Has What They Need

In the past, one desk may have been enough, but if two or more people are sharing the space, you should all have a proper place to work. If papers and other items are piling up, consider whether you have enough storage space in the room. Maybe it’s time to upgrade the office closet or get a desk that offers more drawer space.

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