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Kid-Friendly Closet Ideas

The best way to help your child keep their room organized is to create a storage system that works for them. Their bedroom closet should be designed in a way that meets their needs and provides a good structure for an easy-to-follow organizational system. Here are some ideas for customizing your child’s closet to make it more kid-friendly and functional.

A boy's kid-friendly walk-in closet


Pegboards are a great addition to your child’s closet because everything is visible and easy to grab. Use pegboards to store toys, school supplies, accessories, and even coats. To get the greatest benefit, decide with your child what you want to store on the pegboard and where in advance so you can add the perfect racks, bins, and hooks for each item. You can also use labels to help your child remember where everything goes.

Double Hanging Areas

Creating a double hanging area with two rods works well in kids’ closets because kids usually don’t have many clothing pieces that require the full length of the closet. When you transform half of the closet into a double hanging area, you free up the other half for shelves, drawers, and other storage solutions. This works great if your child needs extra shelf space for books, sports equipment, or arts supplies.

Valet Rod or Hooks

It may seem strange to add a valet rod to your child’s closet, but it’s a great way to encourage kids who struggle with getting ready in a timely manner to pick out their outfits the night before. Hooks on the back of the closet door or on the interior wall can serve the same purpose.

Fun Features

While having a hidden laundry hamper or a slide-out mirror doesn’t necessarily help with organization, it can help make using the closet more fun for your child. If it’s fun, they’ll be more likely to use it instead of leaving their stuff all over the floor. Letting your child get creative with the color scheme of their closet can also help.

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