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Reach-In Closet Design Ideas

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Reach-in closet with shelving and double hanging areas

Reach-in closets are generally smaller than walk-ins, but that doesn’t mean they can’t meet your storage needs and help you stay organized. By remodeling your closet interior, you can create a reach-in closet that’s ideal for the items you want to store and your organization style. Check out our design ideas for reach-in closets to figure out which design is right for you.

Full Shelving

In bathroom, home office, and hallway closets, you may want to use the entire space for shelving. One column of evenly spaced, closet-wide shelves work well in many cases, but also consider customizing your closet with different shelf heights and widths. This allows you to create perfectly-sized storage areas for all of your items, which cuts down on lost space and helps you stay organized.

Maximize Hang Space

In some cases, you may want to use most of the space in your bedroom or coat closet for hanging items. With a divider in the middle of your closet, you can use one rod for dresses and longer jackets on one side and create a double rod area for shirts and shorter jackets on the other side. Add a low shelf or a shoe rack at the bottom of the closet for shoe storage if needed.

Combine Hanging Areas with Shelves

For bedroom closets, combining hanging areas for storing shirts, jackets, and dresses with shelves for storing pants, shoes, and accessories is another great option. You can create two hanging areas on each side with shelves in the middle and an upper shelf at the top for storing items you use less frequently. If you need more hanging space, create a double rod area on one side.

Doorless Closets

If you’re good at keeping your closet tidy and want to make your room look larger, remove the door from your closet. For this option, make sure you have drawers or cabinets in your closet so you can still tuck away items you don’t want on display. A doorless closet is part of the space, so have fun decorating it. Use a statement color or wallpaper that complements the walls of your room or get creative with mirrors, photographs, and unique lighting.

If you’re interested in remodeling a reach-in closet or getting more design ideas, contact Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia and South Jersey today for a free consultation. Our custom closet experts will work with you to design the perfect reach-in closet.