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How To Store Your Winter Coats as the Temperature Drops This Fall

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Are you excited because the temperature is getting colder outside? Even though this is an indication the holidays are right around the corner, this also means you need to pull out your winter coats. Unfortunately, winter coats can be a bit bulky. Therefore, they might be difficult to store in the closet. Here’s a few tips from Closet & Storage Concepts to follow if you want to fit your winter coat in the closet comfortably.

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Remove Items from the Coat Pockets

If you want to fit your winter coats in your closet, the first thing you have to do is remove items that are currently in your pockets. You may not even realize you have items in your pockets. These can make your winter coats seem bulky, and it might be difficult for you to fit all your coats in the closet. Remove the items from the pockets of your coats. It will be a lot easier to fit your jackets on the hangers.

Use Bins for the Smaller Items

You probably have a lot of small items in the closet. Instead of leaving them on the shelves, put them in bins. Then, put the bins underneath your jackets. You are trying to remove items from the shelves in your closet so you can fit more of your winter coats on hangers. Make sure you label your bins so you remember what is in there. That way, when you go to find that item in the future, you know exactly where it is. 

Use the Back of the Door 

Finally, you need to take advantage of the back of the door. You may be able to put a few hooks on the back of your closet door. This will make it easier for you to fit a few extra jackets in your closet. If you are worried about damaging the back of the door, there are materials you can use that will cause the hook to stick on the door instead of having to drill into the wood. If you are still having a difficult time fitting your jacket in your closet, you may want to talk to professionals who can help you. 

rack of clothes in shopping store

Call Closet & Storage Concepts for Help

If you are having a difficult time organizing the coats in your closet, you need to reach out to professionals who can help you. At Closet & Storage Concepts, we have seen closets in complete disarray, and we can help you with your closet as well. We understand that it can be hard to store your winter coat easily.

If your home is in need of a holiday storage makeover, give us a call! We provide custom home storage solutions to the Philadelphia-metro area including West Berlin, Cherry Hill, Atlantic City, and The Shore. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation!