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Designing Storage for Your Media Room

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You might find it challenging to come up with storage ideas for your media room. Today’s homes come with a specific room designed for audio and visual technology, but it doesn’t always come with built-ins.

You can turn to Closet & Storage Concepts though, which has helped local homeowners design better closets and storage for their homes for more than 30 years. We can help you tackle the media room, whether yours is a small space or a vast theater room.

You can design custom storage after home construction to add to the media room. This can include recessed cabinets that let you hide the television behind a quad-fold painting. Creating built-ins for books, DVDs, and CDs that you can’t replace with digital copies, lets you show off some of your prized possessions while you store them, and provides ready access to them when you want to view them or listen to them. These shelves and cabinets can take on any look you desire, including a library, an entertainment center, or open-air shelves.

In smaller media rooms, you can still have a built-in media storage area, you scale it down though. Moving the storage to one side of the room lets you focus the view on the television without detracting or distracting from what plays on it.

You can also build a stage in front and underneath the TV set. This provides you with a second use for the area since it makes an ideal stage for your children to put on plays or run lines for school plays as well as a dance floor for guests at your parties. Storage drawers in the stage let you stash your DVDs and CDs.

Rather than using one wall for storage, use two. Creating an L-shaped media cabinet lets you devote one wall to storing entertainment items, while you can have a desk built into the other. A fold-out desk, like a Murphy bed, lets you have all the workspace you need without permanently taking up space in the media room.

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Call Closet & Storage Concepts today to set an appointment for a free in-home consultation. Let us design and build the media storage center for your home. We’ll custom-craft the closet or storage cabinet for your décor and needs. If your home is in need of a media room makeover, give us a call! We provide custom home storage solutions to the Philadelphia-metro area including West Berlin, Cherry Hill, Atlantic City, and The Shore.