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Kitchen Pantry Organization Tips

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One of the top reasons why people’s homes stop working for them is because their homes become too cluttered. There may not be enough storage space for all of the items that someone keeps in their home. Adding a kitchen pantry can help to increase storage space, but can also present new issues, such as keeping the space organized and clean. Here are a few tips from Closet & Storage Concepts to help you organize your kitchen pantry. 

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Develop a System That Makes Sense to You

Any time you are organizing a pantry, you need to develop a system that makes sense to you. People tend to group items together, such as canned goods in one section and baking goods in another. You need to find a system that makes sense to you, as it will help your flow and help you to better find things. Once you have a system in place, teach your spouse or partner, roommates or children what your system is so they know where to properly put things away within the pantry system. 

Store Dry Items In Airtight Containers

Another kitchen pantry organization tip is to store dry items in airtight containers. For example, after you open a box of cereal or a bag of flour, pour the rest of the goods into an airtight container. Not only does this help to prolong the life of the item once it is opened, but it helps to deter pests, such as ants and cockroaches, from sniffing out and finding items in your pantry. After storing items in airtight containers, either use tape or non-permanent markers to mark what is in the container and when it needs to be used by. 

Move Older Food to the Front of the Pantry

The final tip to help you organize your pantry is to move older food to the front and put newer food in the back of a shelf. This is the best way to rotate your items so older items find their way to the front to be used, and newer items, which can last longer, do not get used before older items. This is a continuous system that can be used every time you go grocery shopping and put away your groceries in the pantry. 

Here at Closet & Storage Concepts, we understand how important storage is to the feel and flow of a home. Storage helps to keep a home organized and helps to keep certain items from sitting in the forefront in your home. Whether you are looking for pantry space or any other type of storage, we have the storage solutions you need. Visit our website today to learn more about our storage options.