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How To Set Your Garage Up For Success

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The first few months of the year are a great time to get organized. Garages can easily get cluttered throughout different seasons. Whether you’re still trying to get organized from last year’s holiday decorations or are hoping to shape up your space in general, this article can teach you how to set up your garage storage so that you’re ready for all of your fun activities this year. 

Start With A Vision:

In order to keep your garage tidy, it is good to establish an organizational system or structure. When you walk into your garage, what do you want to see? Do you want to have a workbench for craft projects? Floor to ceiling shelving for storing decor, suitcases, supplies, etc? Hooks or tracks for hanging storage? Before you start creating your system, try to visualize what your ideal space would look like. 

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Determine What Works Best For You:

One of the best ways to organize your decor and garage items is by using clear bins. Clear bins are perfect for the garage because they are weatherproof and will keep all your items safe no matter what season it is. Clear bins also allow you to have a quick overview of what you own. 

For extra organized bins, try to keep a running list of what you keep in which bins, and group items in different category bins. For example, a crafting bin might include hammers, nails, and sawing tools. These items should not be placed in a bin with camping items such as flashlights, pocket knives, extra water bottles, etc. 

Our Custom Garage Features

Whether you need to add more storage space to the existing workshop in your garage, or if you’re looking to build a completely new workshop, we are here to help. Closet & Storage Concepts offers an extensive selection of garage storage and organization systems, including:

  • Storage racks
  • Shelving
  • Customized workbenches (available in sitting or standing heights)
  • Specialized wall cabinets
  • Slatted Wall systems
  • & more!

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