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Get Started With Pantry Storage Basics

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Whether you are a beginner to pantry organization or are looking to refresh your system, this article can introduce you to some organizational tactics. A standard pantry tends to consist of a cabinet with shelves. Whether that is a large or small cabinet is related to the space in your home and how it was designed. However, no matter how it was designed there are organizational tactics that can be adapted to fit any space!

Grouping Items:

What kind of items tend to be in a pantry? Typically dry items such as pasta and other grains, seasonings and spices, beverages, and snacks can be found in a pantry. With so many different types of food or ingredients, it can be difficult to plan out where they should be stored. We recommend storing items on different levels that make sense for you. 

For example, for cabinets that are closest to the stove, store spices and cooking oils for ease of reach. Considering having a category for each shelf, for example, baking, snacks & candy, and adult snacks or alcoholic beverages. Next, decide which shelf should be which by determining how often you need something. If you only bake on weekends, store baking items on a higher shelf so it’s out of the way. Naturally, your most commonly used items should be on the middle shelves so that you spot them quickly. If you have children, place snacks and alcoholic beverages to keep them away from tiny grabby hands. 

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Ordering Items:

Now that you have decided what shelf you want your ingredients to go on, how should you store them? While it’s tempting to put grocery store packages directly on the shelves, some packaging can be very bulky and block smaller items from view. We recommend using storage containers such as clear bins, organizers, or glass containers/jars. Many reusable containers come in stackable varieties which allows you to utilize shelf height in addition to depth! 

Labeling Items 

Once you’ve successfully organized your pantry shelves by item type, labels can be very useful in ensuring that your pantry stays organized. Clear labels can help you, and your household, remember where to put things back. Labels are also very useful for any food that’s been removed from its original packaging and stored in a different container. 

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We hope this can provide you with some guidance on how to get started organizing your pantry. And of course, if you’re struggling with the amount of pantry space and you’re in need of some help getting your pantry organized, contact Closet & Storage Concepts today! We offer pantry storage solutions custom-designed to fit your home and space.

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