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Why We Love Custom Entertainment Centers

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If you’re someone who loves family (or alone) time in your living room, have you considered if your space suits your needs? For example, are you lacking shelves for your games/books/films? Is there not enough space for your knickknacks? Maybe you’ve always wanted a concession area for family movie night? If this sounds like you, read on to find out how a custom entertainment center can make your cozy dreams come true. 

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They simplify your night!

Picture this: it’s after dinner and your children want to play a round of one of their favorite board games. You reluctantly agree to know you have to search through the boxes of games in the garage until you find the right one. Now imagine if you could have a space in your living room, that would keep all your games together so that your kids can help themselves! With a custom wall unit, you tell us exactly what you need and we’ll come up with solutions just for you. For example, you could do a tiered drawer that would hold all your games or opt for cabinets for a sleek look. Now you can watch your kids play their games and you won’t have to move a muscle! 

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They’re built to last and to fit! 

Our wall units are typically made of wood and therefore can withstand the test of time. Unlike a cheap wall unit which can be flimsy and break down over a few years, your custom wood wall unit is built to last. These units can also be stained or painted to complement the color scheme of the room – creating the ultimate custom look! If you’re interested in a wall unit but you’re unsure about how it’ll look in your space, you can book a free consultation and talk with one of our designers! We’ll take a look at your space and let you know the best solution for you. 

You can display your favorite things! 

Along with drawers and cabinets, you can also opt for display cabinetry. This cabinetry involves the use of glass doors or open shelving so that you can put your favorite knickknacks or anything you want on display! You can also use this space for a snack bin or film selection. We recommend only putting dry and air-tight snacks in this area like candy so that unwanted bugs and creatures stay away.

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This spring/summer season grant yourself the home theater of your dreams. Don’t compromise when you can have the perfect furniture, made exactly for your needs. A custom entertainment center offers extra storage, shelving, and drawers to store all your gadgets and electronics in an organized fashion. Our entertainment centers can display your TV, hide unsightly cords and cables, provide a space for your DVD player and game consoles, and more! No matter how big or small your living room is, we can give you a storage makeover and create a more functional space

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