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4 Rules For Organizing Your Home Life

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Organizing your home can be a long and ongoing struggle. With so many various organizational methods and systems, it can be hard to decide which one works best for you. That is why we have compiled a list of organizing rules to live by, no matter if you’re a seasoned organizer or a newbie! Check out the following tips and if you feel like you could benefit from a custom storage system don’t hesitate to reach out to Closet & Storage Concepts today.

Everything you own should have a designated place

One of the easiest ways to quickly accumulate clutter is by allowing random items to lay haphazardly around your home. If you can designate storage locations, cleaning up will be a breeze! When you come home and put your keys away, do you leave them on the counter? Try to minimize “open-air” non-stored items as much as possible. Do you have a bin you use for keys or a rack/hook for hanging them up? When everything you own has a “home,” there’s never a question about where you should put it. If an item is forever “homeless,” consider if you need it or if you’re better off donating it. 

When introducing a new item, take one out in exchange

If you are someone who enjoys shopping, it is easy to buy things that are similar to what you already own. When you bring a new item into your home, whether it’s new clothes, new toys, or new books, take a hard look at the items you already own. Is there a shirt in your closet you haven’t worn in over a year that your new shirt could replace? If so, donate it. By using the “one in, one out rule”, you can cut down on unnecessary clutter in your home. However, we recommend monitoring your expenses closely in addition to using this rule, as you don’t want to be constantly replacing items in your closet. If you’re looking for closet-specific advice, check out this article on how to prepare your closet for the spring and maximize the clothes you have. 

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Limit your home to one junk drawer

A junk drawer is a great storage space for random things such as batteries, rubber bands, flashlights – anything that you know you need- but aren’t sure where to put it. Keep a junk drawer, but be sure to limit its size and restrict it to necessary yet difficult to categorize objects. If your junk drawer is stretching its limits, that’s a sign that it’s time to sort and toss nonessential items. At the end of every month, it’s good to go through your junk drawer and make sure everything in there is fully essential or to check if there’s something that can’t be categorized elsewhere into a storage system in the house. 

Design a custom storage system that works for you 

Everyone’s home and family life is going to be different and custom storage systems allow you to craft a system that is unique to you. We know that organizing can be frustrating to do on your own. Sometimes the system you want doesn’t work with the space you have. If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a free consultation. Whatever you think your space needs, we’ll make it happen! We believe no space is too small or awkwardly shaped for a custom storage system. We offer pantry, laundry/garage room, entryway, closets, wall beds, home office storage solutions, and more. 

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