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How To Prep For A Home Office Remodel 

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If you’re interested in a custom home office but you’re apprehensive about the transitional period when you don’t have an office, don’t worry! Here at Closet & Storage Concepts, we aim to make our custom storage design process as smooth as possible. To help alleviate your worries, we’ve put together a list of helpful steps to help you prepare for your home office remodel. 

Pack the Essentials 

Much like when you’re moving, you’re going to want to pack an “Office Essentials Box”. To remain organized, consider which items you need to access in order to stay on top of your work and home life. These may include checkbooks, calendars, address books, envelopes, stamps, pens, calculators, and more. Try to keep like-items together by packing a container with a file folder for your most important documents. 

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Make other working arrangements

Before you pack up all your things, you should probably know where you are going! While your home office is being worked on, make sure you have a proper space to do your work in. This may be a bedroom desk or living room, or at a friend’s place.

If your work permits, try out a table at your local coffee shop for a change of scenery! If you’re looking for a quieter environment (ie for video calls), we recommend checking out study rooms at a library. You can usually book this in advance. They are perfect for getting some focused work done. While you can stay at home during an office remodel, the remodel may be noisy and interrupt your workflow. 

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Pre-organize your space

In order to make sure your office space will be a fresh start for you, make sure to throw out old electronics, papers, and supplies. Before the new furniture and cabinets come in, we recommend evaluating the things you have so that you don’t take anything unnecessary into your new space. 

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After you’ve packed up your space and gotten rid of the non-essentials, it’s time to let the professionals take over! Here at Closet & Storage Concepts, we know that sufficient office storage is the key to productivity. From desks to filing cabinets, shelving units, and bookcases we have everything you’ll need to create an office work environment that fits your personal style and needs! We can’t wait to help you get the custom home office of your dreams. 

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