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Creating The Perfect Summer Closet 

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The weather is heating up and it’s time to get focused on some summer fun! Do you feel like your closet is ready for the summer? If you spend hours picking out the perfect summer outfit, then you probably could benefit from some reorganizing. As we start off the summer, it’s important to have a closet that reflects your lifestyle and consists of pieces you continuously will wear. Read on to find out how Closet & Storage Concepts can help you design a custom closet that you can fill with your favorite summer pieces. 

Evaluate what you have:

Before you can start customizing your space and your closet itself, it is important to know what you have. By sorting your closet before designing your custom closet, you can design your closet based on your needs. For example, if you’re someone who likes to wear a lot of blouses and dresses to keep cool in the summer, we recommend a dual hanging rod system. If you’re someone who likes to wear pants and shorts, you can opt for more drawers than hanging space. With a custom closet, the design is entirely up to your personal preference and what will work best for you. 

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Identify what you like and dislike

While you evaluate your closet, try to identify what you wear the most and least. Then ask yourself these questions: Do you see trends among these items? Consider similar patterns, fabrics, silhouettes, colors, etc. Of the items you wear the most, why do you enjoy wearing them? What about the items you wear the least? Why don’t reach for them? If you find you have any items you usually like to wear that aren’t well suited for the summer, be sure to put them safely away in storage. 

Tip: If your space is really tight, your closet should only host items you are wearing on a regular basis. Off-season items, coats, and special-occasion clothes can be put away in a storage closet. 

Shop similar pieces

If you’re someone who ends up buying a whole new closet every season, try to shop for pieces similar to what you already have. For example, if you have a favorite cotton yellow dress, try on a new cotton dress in a different color and silhouette! Change out one or two factors for every new piece you try. If you shop for clothes similar to what you already wear, you can opt for more long-lasting pieces and build a more sustainable wardrobe over time. This will save you money, time, and environmental waste! 

Get in touch! 

If having a custom closet sounds like a dream come true, reach out for your free consultation today! Our closets come equipped with many different accessories such as baskets, belt-and-tie racks, shoe racks, and ironing boards – you name it! We can’t wait to help you build the custom closet of your dreams.

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