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How To Style A Guest Room For The Summer

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Now that it’s summertime, you might find more family and friends wanting to come to visit and stay the night. However, do you have a proper guest room that can accommodate a variety of people? If you’re someone who loves to host (or even if you’re not!), creating the perfect guest room is key to ensuring a memorable stay for your family and friends. Keep reading to find out how Closet & Storage Concepts can help you style a guest room that feels just like home. 

Consider weather-appropriate color palettes 

When styling your guest room, it’s important to think of the space as a blank canvas. While it might be tempting to style this space as you would your own bedroom, it’s better to stick to neutral colors that are universally appropriate so that a variety of guests can be comfortable. Consider light colors such as greens, blues, greys, whites, creams, and some pinks. In the summer, light colors and materials are great for staying cool in heat waves. If you have a window, the natural light can also reflect more easily off of light colors/surfaces which will brighten up the space and make it feel bigger than it actually is.

Tip: If your guest room doesn’t have a window, that’s okay! Opt for warmer yellow-toned lights such as LEDs, as opposed to whiter lighting. This will give the illusion of sunlight and even save you energy!

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Add allergy-friendly flowers and candles for extra ambiance.

Comfort is key

When you travel, there’s always a slight sense of uneasiness since you’re not in your own space. In order to make your guest truly feel at home, make the guest room as cozy as possible. In the winter, this can be done with fluffy blankets and pillows, but what about in the summer? Try opting for cotton and linen sheets to keep your guests comfy and cool. To make your home feel like a spa getaway, you can even include a soft robe, towel, and slipper set in your “guest room kit”. 

Tip: How often have you forgotten something important while traveling? To make your guest feel extra cared for, include a small toiletry set with extra toothpaste, a travel shower set, and other essentials. 

Opt for space-saving solutions

If you’re worried about your guest feeling cramped in their room, try one of our space-saving solutions such as a custom Murphy bed! These beds are not only comfortable and sturdy, but they allow you to neatly tuck them out of the way and access all the floor space in the room. Gone are the days of worrying about your guests being comfortable on the couch. Simply pull the Murphy bed out of its system, and you’re ready to host someone for the night! 

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Modern Panel Bed in Cherry Wood.

Get the professionals involved

We hope these tips can help you design the perfect cozy getaway for your guests. No matter your problem, we have a space-saving solution that can help. For example, if you need more closet space for your guests, consider our custom closet systems. If you’re looking to save floor space in a cramped room, try out one of our custom Murphy beds. Get expert advice and design suggestions from the local team at Closet & Storage Concepts. Proudly serving Philadelphia and South Jersey for more than 30 years.

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