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How To Prepare For A Custom Closet 

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Preparing for a custom closet system installation can be a daunting task if you’re not familiar with the process. In this blog post, we’ll give you all the tips and tricks for paring down your closet so that you can start fresh with one of our custom closet systems. 

Step 1: Deciding What You Want

There’s quite a few decisions to make when it comes to personally designing your closet system. One of the most important ones is what type of organization you want. For example, if you have more items that need to be hung, you might want to opt for shelving that allows you to use height wisely and consider dual hanging rods. 

Step 2: Evaluate Your Closet

Before you decide what system works for you, take some time to evaluate your closet items. Ask yourself: how often do I wear this? Is this worth keeping in my closet? Do I see myself wanting to wear this in the future? A new closet system is a great fresh start – make sure you’re not getting dragged down by clothes of the past. 

Step 3: Consider Long Term Organization

A custom closet is an investment in yourself and your future. When you’re preparing for a custom closet, make sure you keep in mind how you will grow with your closet. You’ll want to keep your closet for as long as possible. But, don’t worry! Your closet design doesn’t have to be rigid and an end-all solution. For example, here at Closet & Storage Concepts, our closet systems are fully adjustable and adaptable. If you decide you want to change your mind in a few years, we’re happy to work with you to switch up your closet to suit your needs – again! 

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