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How To Streamline Your Laundry Routine

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Working in the laundry room can be stressful if you don’t have the right space, shelving, and system set in place. If you dread doing laundry, it’s important to optimize your space so that your laundry routine can be fast and efficient. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts, we know that not all Philadelphia homes come with a laundry room so we want to help you make the most of the laundry room you have. Keep reading for tips on how to get your laundry room looking spic-and-span. 

Organize your cabinets in order of use

This might seem like an obvious tip but if your laundry items are scattered throughout your cabinets, your laundry routine will take twice the amount of time it needs to. Start by taking everything out of your cabinets and placing it into bins and shelves. Pick up each individual item and ask yourself these two questions: “Do I need this item?” and “When do I use this item in my routine”? If you have anything you don’t need, throw it away or donate it if it’s unused. 

For your cabinets, everything you use before washing should be the first cabinet closest to your washer. These can be items such as garment bags, fabric softeners, stain removers, detergents, and so on. Then, your second cabinet should be everything you use for your dryer or drying routine. This includes dryer sheets, dryer balls, hanging racks or rods, and other essential items. If you feel like your shelving doesn’t line up with your cabinet needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to Closet & Storage Concepts for a custom laundry room design. We’ll work with you personally to set up your dream storage cabinets and closets. 

csc custom laundry room white cabinets
Custom laundry room by Closet & Storage Concepts in white finish.

Keep multiple hampers clear and on stand by

If you’re someone who has a big family or does many loads of laundry, make sure dirty and clean clothes each have a designated space. With multiple hampers, you can safely set a clean load aside once you need to start on your next load. If you have designated hampers you’ll never risk combining the wrong loads and can save lots of future headaches yourself. 

Tip: If you know other family members frequent the laundry room, label hampers as “clean” and “dirty” so that everyone in the household is clear on what hampers to use! You can also color code hampers for different family members if space allows. 

iron board in custom laundry room
Ironing board accessory in a custom laundry room by Closet & Storage Concepts.

Involve the experts

Laundry can be overwhelming, especially when you feel like you don’t have enough space. In order to get a laundry room that works for you, let the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts help with a custom laundry room design! Closet & Storage Concepts will design for your storage needs to keep things organized. We also can include a variety of accessories such as fold-down ironing boars, hanging rods, and more! 

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