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Pantry Clean Out For the Holidays

If you’re planning on hosting family and friends for the holidays, now is a great time to organize your kitchen. By cleaning out your pantry, you can ensure you have space for everything you need for hosting dinner parties. Keep reading to find out how to clean out your pantry to prepare for the upcoming holiday season and how Closet & Storage Concepts West Berlin can help.

Divide & Conquer

Organizing your pantry can sometimes be a daunting task but if you divide up your space, you can be efficient and find that it’s not such a difficult task after all. To split up your pantry, we recommend starting with the upper shelves and working your way down. If you have multiple pantry cabinets, we recommend taking a break between each one so that you don’t get overwhelmed. 

Example of custom pantry done by Closet & Storage Concepts.

Set your pantry up for success 

Once you’ve decided where to start in your pantry, start by taking each item out individually. To evaluate your items determine if it’s 1. not expired and 2. if you’ll need it in the future. Sometimes clutter piles up in your pantry if you have lots of half-used or unpacked items. In this case, try using Tupperware such as glass jars or other containers to store these items. If you use clear containers, you’ll be able to visualize your pantry much easier and know what you have at a brief glance. 

If you know that you’ll be needing a lot of pantry space for holiday ingredients, you can designate a specific shelf for these items. This way when you’re preparing your dinners you won’t have to search through multiple shelves and areas of the kitchen. As for deciding how to organize your pantry, try placing grains such as rice and pasta together on one shelf, canned foods on another, and so forth. As a general rule of thumb, you should try to place the items you use the most at eye level and items that you don’t need as often towards the top of your cabinet. 

Not happy with the space you have? 

Sometimes our physical space can get in the way of our dream setup. If you feel like your pantry could use some improvements, don’t hesitate to get started on your custom pantry design today. We guarantee we can recommend a custom storage solution that will perfectly complement and maximize your space.

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