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How to “Grow Up” Your Kids’ Storage

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As your kids grow up, so should your storage solutions. Watching your little one grow up and out of their favorite things might be bittersweet, but there’s a way to make this transition a little easier. With custom storage solutions, you can set your children up for success by creating multi-function rooms and designing spaces that suit their changing needs. Keep reading to find out what custom storage solutions can benefit your growing family. 

Look towards the future, not the past:

In your child’s bedroom, you might have an activity desk or area which they don’t use as often anymore, now that they have gotten older. Replace this old crafting area with a new desk. Your children will need desks in their bedrooms for the next couple of years for their lives. Don’t make your child sit at the same desk they sat at when they were little! You want to encourage and support your children as they grow up, and investing in their bedrooms is a great way to show support. We have many custom home office desks and will work with you personally to find one that suits your child now and in the future. 

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Take advantage of multi-use rooms:

With the installation of a wall bed or Murphy bed, you can turn any playroom into a guest room. A Murphy bed will allow you to have more guests over who can rest in comfort and style. We offer a variety of Murphy beds and guarantee we can recommend one that fits your space. To utilize the space, even more, you can turn bookcases and shelves into a mini library so that you can have a reading relaxation room for you or your guests! 

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Bookcase Murphy bed by Closet & Storage Concepts.

Get in touch with the professionals

Here at Closet & Storage Concepts West Berlin, we work hard to come up with creative space-saving ideas for common spaces throughout a home, including kids’ bedrooms. Reach out to us today for a free consultation and we’ll work together to maximize the space in your children’s bedroom to set them up for success! 

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