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The Case for Customized Storage Systems

Custom closet


When deciding upgrades and changes to your home it may be difficult to decide what projects to complete. At Closet & Storage Concepts, serving the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, we want to help you create the home of your dreams. Here are just three reasons why you should prioritize customized storage systems in your next home remodel.

Reduce Stress

Staying organized and having a place for everything in the same place, every time is one easy way to reduce stress throughout your day. You’ll save time in the morning getting ready which helps to eliminate the frantic rush when looking for a specific item and help you start your day efficiently. Physical storage units help to keep us, and our clients, organized. Customized storage systems are unlike your typical big-box closet units that you assemble yourself, as you develop a personal relationship and a personal storage solution with your closet designer.


Custom built-in furniture items including closets, desks, and Murphy beds, are perfect for those homeowners looking to maintain a certain aesthetic in their home. In addition, because our pieces are designed and built in our own factories we can ensure that even the most difficult of spaces can be used to maximize storage. Our design associates are trained to properly measure and design units that fit your needs. Custom storage solutions can be made to fit any design scheme because you have the opportunity to pick and choose the materials you want right down to the hardware on drawers and cabinets.

Resale Value

One of the biggest points in favor of customized units is the appeal to buyers in the event that you do sell your home. Customized walk-in closets in particular, or even a kitchen pantry, can help you sell your home for top dollar in addition to speeding up the selling process. Potential buyers see the built-in units as a special, unique feature in your home.

Built-in storage units should be utilized throughout your home but are most commonly used in a bedroom, kitchen, or living room. Use them to reduce stress, for added aesthetic appeal, and to help boost resale value in the future. Choose a trusted local company like Closet & Storage Concepts, serving the greater Phoenix, Arizona area including Mesa, Tempe, and Gilbert, to build and install your organizational units for a perfect fit every time. Call now to schedule your free, in-home consultation!