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Create a Peaceful Guest Bedroom

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With a number of activities in the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, it’s not surprising that friends and family may be staying with you this summer. Whether you’re hosting one or ten people, creating a space that’s comfortable and inviting will be just one of your priorities when polishing up your home. If you’re worried about your guest’s sleeping quarters we’re here to help you create a guest room that’s comfortable, inviting, and most importantly peaceful.

Clean Up and Storage Needs

The first step would be to clear out any items that don’t belong in your guest room. Don’t forget to take a peek in the closet while you’re purging. Once you’ve removed items that don’t belong in your guest room and placed them in the correct areas of your home take a moment to assess if there’s one more item you can remove or if there’s something missing. Don’t skimp on storage in your spare room whether that’s in the closet or as a bedside table as it can often be used as overflow storage when guests aren’t in.

If your guest room is also used as an office or small living room, consider storage and furniture pieces that can be used in multiple settings. Murphy beds are just one option as your room can go from a well-loved office setting to a peaceful guest space in a matter of minutes!

As you set up any storage pieces, don’t forget to give your room a good dust down and vacuum. Cleaning will help to create a peaceful room you and your guests can enjoy.

Deck the Bed

After a good clean and storage assessment, it’s time to deck the bed. Give your bedding a fresh wash or change it out with a different set if you’d like. The bed will likely be a place of rest and relaxation for your guests, so choose an option that is soft and pleasant to the touch. You can beef up your bed with plenty of pillows in different firmness levels for more options. Use a mattress topper or featherbed to change the firmness of your mattress if you’re not ready to replace it. If you can’t seem to find storage for your bedding and linen it may be time to organize your hallway closet!

Set the Stage

This is a continuation of the point above, but applied to set your entire guest room up for success. Remember to use all five senses in this step such as including candles and infusers, or to include extra blankets if the air-con goes a bit overboard.

For a finishing touch, consider leaving towels and other toiletries that many guests often forget on a tray or in a basket. Your guests will feel like they’re at a destination hotel! Except maybe without room service.

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