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How to Create The Closet of Your Dreams (And Needs)

closet (19)At Closet and Storage Concepts of Scottsdale, Arizona, we want to help you create the closet of your dreams. Good storage systems not only look great but fulfill all of your storage needs. Here’s how you can start creating your dream closet.

Pare Down

Start by evaluating what you have and what you actually need to store. This is a great time to pare down to the essentials. There’s no point in creating a fresh and beautiful closet if you’re going to keep old clothes and shoes that you don’t plan on wearing. This is a great time to create your dream wardrobe along with your dream closet. Paring down ensures that you only create custom storage for items that you love.

Expand If Necessary

Once you have narrowed down your items, expand your space if necessary. A spare bedroom can be the perfect place to create a dreamy closet. If your significant other vetoes the spare bedroom idea, or you don’t have that kind of space consider creative solutions to expand your space. Murphy beds and other space-saving solutions can help to create an area for the closet of your dreams.

Asses and Create Storage

Dream closets create enough storage space for their owners. Creating space for all of your items can give your closet a boutique look. In addition, enough storage space helps to keep clutter and unneeded items at bay. If you collect a particular type of item (shoe and handbag lovers welcome), creating extra space for future items could be beneficial. Talking with a storage expert at Closet & Storage Concepts of Scottsdale will help you create the perfect amount of storage.

Determine Finishing Touches

Dream closets may all look different, but all tend to be both functional and beautiful. The devil is in the details as they say, so be sure to choose finishing touches that help to complement your design. To increase the look and usability of your closet, consider adding closet accessories like the ten we talked about earlier this month.

You can also choose between certain designs and materials. From real hardwood systems and doors to more economical options like those made from rigged thermofoil (RTF), choose closet materials that work for your dream design.

These are just a couple of ways you can create the closet of your dreams. For even more customization and design options, give us a call to find the best option for your closet remodel. Our team of storage experts at Closet & Storage Concepts can’t wait to help you create your dream closet. Now serving the greater Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona areas.