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Last Minute Halloween Decorations and Storage Tips


Halloween is just around the corner! If you still haven’t added some spooky decorations, don’t worry! The Scottsdale team at Closet & Storage Concepts is here to help you! Stick around until the end to learn about some scary good storage tips for all those treats and costumes.


While it may be too late to go all out before your Halloween party, it’s still possible to add some spooky elements. Spiders, cobwebs, pumpkins, and tombstones are all fitting additions and can be created or bought in most stores.

Cobweb stickers are easy to add to mirrors and windows for a little Halloween spirit. Try separating cotton balls for a more dimensional cobweb. For a bit more oomph add in some crawling spiders, which you can usually find at most big general stores at a low cost.

Pumpkins are not only great to carve, but you can even keep them through Thanksgiving for general autumnal decoration. Try spray painting them with chalkboard paint and write a message onto it.

You can easily prop some “tombstones” on your lawn by buying them or making them with the help of some stakes and extra cardboard. Lightly spray paint your cardboard a gray color, or wrap around gift wrapping paper (many often are plain white on the reverse), attach the stakes, write an epitaph, and your tombstone is ready.

If all else fails, simply incorporating a bit of a Halloween theme in the treats and food you make can help you get into the spirit. Try themed baking liners, cupcake picks with candy corn images, or try making a Halloween themed menu. Start with mummies (little hot dogs wrapped up and “bandaged” with bread dough) and end with a Devil’s food cake. With a little imagination, your Halloween evening can go from good to fantastical.


After the festivities are over, you may be wondering how you’ll possibly store everything. Use glass or durable airtight containers to keep candy and other cooking ingredients fresh. Using similar containers will help give a unified front in your kitchen pantry. What to create an even greater visual impact? Give your kitchen closet pantry a good clean and sort. For a unique look, use a rustic finish on your storage system – they’ll go great with any Halloween decorations that you put up.

Thinking about the costumes? Don’t be afraid to part with them after you’ve used them. You can donate costumes to younger children for their dress-up trunks or for a school play. Be sure to make full use of your storage space if you intend to keep costumes with hooks, bins, or a custom storage system.

When storing Halloween decorations, try using an orange bin or container. Keeping containers color-coded helps to keep decorations separate throughout the seasons and makes finding specific decorations easy – making swaps in your décor a breeze.

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